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Pokemon Wild Black/Wild White


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During my playthrough of Generation V of the games, I felt that some pokemon especially potentially powerful species are only available after the E4, including ones that involve Fishing or only at Victory Road. These powerful species being late bloomers will not make it in time for the trainer, assuming that he is not using Pokesav, to train them to a point they are capable of taking on the Elite Four and Team Plasma's elite members.

To add salt to the wound, the creators of the game actually only allowed fishing to be accessible after the E4. So the player will have to contend with fewer species to choose from within the game! This is only made worse with the fact that White Forest or certain routes are only available after you defeat the E4; Some of those routes contain many potentially powerful species too.

This hack will seek to resolve the issues by changing the encounter locations of certain species as if they were an ecology and also gives the player more choices to pick for their next fighter in the team.

This hack will not add Pokemon from previous generations unless they are to be encounter in that place only after the Elite 4. Pokemon Black/white is now also more of a hunter's expedition because some good species have be edited to be rare so the player is going to have to go through a few more wild encounters before you will encounter that "potentially powerful" or rare species for your team.

Testers and suggestions are welcome


Myself-- Siam on Project Pokemon/ FlameEntei on Pokecommunity.

Drayano – the first guy that I knew that who how to edit wild encounters in B/W

Aragornbird- For teaching me how to edit wild Encounters

Kazowar- Evolution editor

Andibad- For being supportive of my hack

Twistedfate- Creation of the stats editor

neltazero-Creation of the Wild Pokemon Editor.


1. More species to catch

Swamp Pokemon are also included.

2. Starters are catchable

Oshawott can be found Route 1- Surf Spot

Tepig can be found at Dreamyard- Grass

Snivy can be found at Pinwheel Forest[inner]

3. No need to fish to encounter some species

Surfing routes that are available before the elite 4 will have fishing exclusive species available during surfing and surfing rare spots.

4. Gym Leaders are stronger

Gym Leaders will not be so easy to defeat as their teams become a little more diverse in their moves. The first 4 gym leaders will have Pokemon of slightly higher levels. Somewhat at above 20 and below 30

Changes v1.0:

Wild data

Route 1

Route 2


Route 3

Wellspring Cave

Pinwheel Forest outer

Pinwheel Forest inner

Route 4

Desert Resort

Relic Castle

Route 5

Route 6

Route 7


Lostlorn Forest

Mistralton Cave

Driftveil Bridge

Celestial Tower


Edited by Siam
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