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Pokedex Complete Cheat/WiFi Error


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I recognize this is a bit of an old topic, but I hate having to complete the pokedex legit, but not being able to access the WiFi part of BW pokemon is equally as bad. is there any other complete pokedex code that works for Action Replay for pokemon black(and still allows you to use WiFi such as dream world)? please reply as soon as possible! any response is appreciated!!!


PS: I didn't know where to put this, help me redirect this topic if the future if u want to ;) Thanks again!:bidoof:

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As it is, it's impossible to have the Pokedex 100% completed AND be able to use the Game Synch. Here's why:

When you start synching, the first thing it does is check your Pokedex. If you have data that should not be there, then it will block you with an error code.

The problem data (as currently known) is these: Shiny Victini/Zekrom/Reshiram, and ANY Keldeo/Meloetta/Genosect. If they are in your Pokedex, you can not Synch.

There IS a way to empty your Dex (set the FFFFFFFF line to 00000000, and save that as a separate code), and then if you catch just one Pokemon (so it's not empty) then you can connect just fine, then use the Complete Dex code to re-complete your dex after you're done with your daily Synch needs.

Also, if you have PokeGen, it has a Pokedex option, that lets you fully customize what you want your Pokedex to have in it. Just exclude the problem Pokemon.

However... that's only useful IF you can even use the code. It seems that ONLY the ARDSi MicroSDcard is able to use it (by accessing the code from the SD card), since it's so long it won't copy to the ARDSi itself if you use the manager. Yeah, the situation sucks if you don't happen to have that specific model... because that model is no longer available. Anywhere. I can't find it on Datel's own site, not on E-Bay, and not on Amazon. So good luck if that's the situation for you (it is for me).

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