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Pokemon: Magnezone

Name: Wave Emitter

Ability: Magnet Pull/ Sturdy

Item: Balloon / Leftovers

Nature: Modest / Timid

EVs: 172 HP / 252 SpA / 80 Spe


Substitute / Recycle


Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Ice

Thunder Wave

I was just wondering if this was a viable set. The EV investment allows it to outspeed +ve base 110 speed pokemon after they are paralysed by Thunder Wave. This would most likely function as a revenge kill option where you are forcing a switch which you cripple with T-Wave.

The usefullness doesn't stop there. Given the base of the original steel trapper set it can very easily function as this once again, easily trapping Forretress, Scizor, Skarmory and other common steel types.

Coming in on a hit is unfavourable given the primary item of the balloon but it can still work effectively against Pokemon that aren't often in an aggressive position on the battlefield.

Recycle is there as an alternative to Sub to allow for a perpetual immunity to ground type attacks, although Magnezone has other issues to deal with where a substitute would be more appropriate.

Sturdy is there as an option over Magnet Pull if you don't need to trap certain Pokemon, as Sturdy can help you survive an EQ even after the Balloon breaks but also surviving super effective Fire and Fighting moves that will be flying at you due to your temporary immunity to ground.

With that being said, this Magnezone set is quite an effective status spreader, using it sparingly to allow for paralysis to spread to key Pokemon of the opponents team. At this point using Magnezone as an all out Special Attacker can be very doable.

I'd really like to hear your opinions on this set, I think it has some use yet.

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