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GSC Save Editing


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Hi everyone,

I know this is a bit out there, and as far as editing goes, 2nd gen save editing is pretty much dead, but I'm interested in it anyway.

So I have managed to find where the party pokemon are stored in the save file, but I've come across a problem. When I edit it, nothing changes... Though, obviously, it should change!

At 01A6D the party pokemon data starts, each pokemon has about 48 bytes, First byte is the Pokemon followed by 00, the next 4 bytes are the moves in hex. So on the save I'm editing it looks like (Noctowl's Data | Growl, foresight, Peck, Hypnosis ): A4 00 | 2D C1 40 5F 6B F9 00| The first four are the moves in hex, but the next two bytes mean nothing to me. There's then 40 bytes that I can't seem to fit to anything relevant, before the next pokemon starts. The problem is, when I change the A4 to say A5, it doesn't change the Noctowl to Ledyba, like it in theory should... so I'm a little confused and wondering if anyone can help.

The save is attached, poke around and see if you can help a brother out :/.


!!Pokemon Crystal 251 (wild pokes and evos edited Moves edited types edited base stats edited le.sav

!!Pokemon Crystal 251 (wild pokes and evos edited Moves edited types edited base stats edited le.sav

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