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Max Iv Code For SS/HG


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Hey, I'm new here and I've search every HG/SS thread and read through all pages but I couldn't find a MAX IV code for them.

I don't mean a code that makes all of the IV's maxed because then everyone can tell it's hacked.

Can some find/make me the codes to make each IV to it's max individually by marking it in the box.

Thank you very much, in advance and have a nice day =]

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You can use this ; change the "1F's" to whatever you want in hex, from 00 to 1F.

The stats are respectively HP, Atk, Def, Spd, Sp. Atk and Sp. Def.

Pokémon marking IV modifier :

1206EE52 000002D6

1206F11E 000046C0

1206F126 000046C0

1206F12C 000046C0

1206F13A 000046C0

1206F140 000046C0

1206F14E 000046C0

1206F154 000046C0

1206F162 000046C0

1206F168 000046C0

1206F176 000046C0

1206F11A 0000211F

1206F130 0000201F

1206F144 0000201F

1206F158 0000201F

1206F16C 0000201F

1206F180 0000201F

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