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Balanced team for Diamond and Pearl

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This is a team I would like to put together for Diamond and Pearl, tell me what you think.

Empolean Item:Mystic Water

Nature: Lonely

Hydro Pump

Drill Peck

Steel Wing

Iron Defense

Infernape Item: Muscle Band

Nature: Adamant

Fire Blitz


Bulk Up

Close Combat

Torterra Item: Big Root

Nature: Gentle

Giga Drain




Tyranitar Item: Black Glasses

Nature: Brave

Stone Edge

Giga Impact

Dark Pulse

Dragon Dance

Altaria Item: Zoom Lenses

Nature: Adamant

Aerial Ace

Dragon Rush


Cotton Guard

Froslass Item:Focus Sash

Nature: Modest


Confuse Ray


Ominous Wind

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"If it's not for in game we're going to need to know the nature, Evs abilities and Items of all Pokemon, plus an explanation of why they're on the team."

It is for both in game and as competitive battling. I updated my first post to add the natures and items, but I do not think I have the means to give you the EVs abilities.

Can you give advice and help without EV information?

I was looking for a hybrid team where none of the elements overlap being the main point. The tree starter because they make a very good trio together and the elements complement and support each other. Tyranitar, because his is a non legendary powerhouse that can be very useful. Altaria because of it defensive potential and I remember it had been difficult to take out in game. Froslass is something of the oddball because I have not had the chance to ever play with one.

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Having them overlap is very unrealistic, and very idealistic :P. It's hard to rate a team with both factors being considered, I imagine Wraith would be able to do a better job than I, but I'll give it a go.

First things first, the EVs and natures are very important. The EVs can give you anywhere between 0-63 extra stat points, whilst the nature gives you an extra 1.1x multiplier, essentially a 10% boost to any given stat. This being where the problem of overlapping lies. In game, you're against essentially handicapped pokemon with nill investment everywhere, thus most anything can beat it, however the metagame is a whole different ball park with pokemon tailor made for a specific role, and if you don't build your team with that in mind you will struggle to keep up.

That said I will rate your team as if it were for the metagame.

First of all, you have a mixape weakness... I know that's odd given that you have your own infernape, but if the opposing infernape wins the speed tie between yours and his he will proceed to kill your team.

Hidden Power ice will take out: torterra/ Altaria

Close combat will take out: Infernape/ tyranitar/ empoleon

Fire blast/ Flare blitz will take out: froslass

My suggestion? Run Starmie over Empoleon, this way you can use rapid spin to support altaria/ the whole team.

Starmie @ life orb/ expert belt

Trait: Natural cure

Nature: Timid

EVs: 4 Def/ 252 Special Attack/ 252 Spe

~ Hydro Pump / Surf

~ Thunder Bolt

~ Ice Beam / Recover

~ Rapid Spin

If you're running starmie you may aswell run your own mixape, this will help you get passed stall teams:

Infernape @ Life Orb

Trait: Blaze

Nature: Niave/ Hasty

EVs: 64 Atk/ 192 Special Atk/ 252 Spe

~ Close Combat

~ Stone Edge/ Hidden Power Ice/ Thunder Punch

~ Fire blast

~ Grass Knot/ Mach Punch/ Vaccuum Wave/ Swords Dance/ Nasty Plot/ Hidden Power Ice/ Thunder Punch -> Basically anything that you think will help you best

I doubt you have the ability to control what your Hidden Power is, but if you do, I strongly reccomend that you find room for hidden power ice.

With these guys on the team you may aswell Pack Shaymin too, if you have the means anyway. The set for shaymin would be 40HP/ 252 Atk/ 216 Speed Timid Nature with Life orb. Moves -> Rest/ Seed Flare/ Earth Power/ And some sort of filler move, I tend to run hidden power fire or ice. These three pokemon have all but perfect synergy and can switch in on each other's weaknesses and dispose of eachother's counters, so they work really good together.

Now, Tyranitar really isn't doing anything for your team, however you could do with something that keeps things like Lucario in check, and run a gliscor in his place. This set would be 252HP/ 4 Def/ 252 Spe @ a jolly nature, leftoves and the moves Toxic (stone edge)/ Roost/ Earthquake/ Taunt. This thing will keep you safe from things like Scarf tyranitar who can beat Starmie and Infernape. However, you could get away with running choice band scizor instead, as he would also be able to kill scarf tar, but he may struggle to beat Lucario. Flygon, too could go in this position, Scarf flygon is a staple pokemon in Gen IV, and for a good reason so if you're not a big fan of Gliscor check out scarf Gon.

So that's your first 4 pokemon done.

Now if you have access to jirachi, he's be a lovely candidate in the 5th spot, and you could make him your lead. A choice scarf set of 252Atk/ 4 Def/ 252 Spe, Jolly nature with the moves Iron head/ U turn/ Stealth Rock/ Trick would be great. He can come in on any ice type attacks aimed at gliscor and start spamming Iron heads, he can best lead aerodactyl and a great number of other leads. Your only problem now would be fighters so a ghost pokemon like dusknoir or gengar could work well.

I realise I may have accidently recommended a few HGSS/ PLt moves and sets here... Disregard those and use your best alternative to hand.

I'll use this moment to let you know of pokemon online which is a battle simulator, if for nothing else, you can make your teams there first before you make them for wifi, it saves you wasting time on a team that may not be necessarily very good. PM me if you'd like to know which server I frequent.

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...You just pretty much suggested I scrap my whole team and do something completely different.

I thank you for you help... but changing almost every single member of my team and almost everything else about the team is not exactly help I was looking for. I would like to keep the basic team and do what is needed to get the team to work. At the very least is there a way to keep Empolean, Infernape, and Torterra together as that was part of the point of my team?

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For in game that would work perfectly well, there's no denying that, but you would struggle against a competitive player of any calibre if I'm going to be frank with you. The moves you have would require a massive overhaul, and you would have to finely, very finely tune each of your pokemon to even hope to keep up. Gamefreak likes to let us get atatched to all the new starters, only to slap us down when their viability is questioned competitively. But there in is the point, when you compete you have to strive for the best, a random nature here and there just won't cut it. :/

I don't mean to suck the fun out of it, I feel it too when I can't use charizard and umpteen other of my favourites due to them just not being good enough for competitive play. But as I said, Wraith would be able to help better than I.

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I have closed several of your threads for exactly this reason.

Stop posting in-game teams.

Here's your rate for every single in-game team: Anything can work in-game. It's fine. It's perfect.

Feel free to re-post once you add EVs, natures, abilities, and a role for each Pokemon and an overall strategy for your team.

If you post ANOTHER in-game team outside of the In-Game team thread, I'm going to issue a hefty infraction.

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