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Oblivia Deoxys (Attack Forme) 1.0.0

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Oblivia Deoxys (Attack Forme)

This Deoxys can be sent to any Generation IV game from Pokémon Ranger 3 upon completion of the special Deoxys mission. The mission was distributed via Wi-Fi during the distribution times below. The Forme obtained depends on the results of the mission.
The mission was distributed between Oct 04, 2010 to Jan 11, 2011. The gift could be sent any time, once you completed the Deoxys and the Odd Temple mission.

 Species   Attack Deoxys 
 Nickname (N)   DEOXYS ENG.png 
 OT   Oblivia 
 TID/SID   03060/01859 
 Distribution   Ranger 3 
 Location   Pokémon Ranger 
 Dates   Follows NDS date 
 PID   Random (Non-Shiny) 
 Games   Given to: DPPt HGSS 
Preset as: HG 
  Poke Ball Lv. 50  
 Nature   Random 
 Ability   Pressure 
 Item   (None)  
 Card Per Save   Only One Allowed 
  Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)
  Psycho Boost Psycho Boost   Meteor Mash Meteor Mash
  Superpower Superpower   Hyper Beam Hyper Beam
  WC ID 182: 「Trusted Pokémon Trainer:」

Trusted Pokémon Trainer:
The Ranger Union requests that you
protect this Deoxys. Take care of
this Deoxys well!

Format Ver.2.1.2-0, Post Updated Date:20210821_1755

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