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The Final 3DS Perfected Living Dex 1.0.0

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About This File

Every single Pokemon from the past generations that all appeared in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The Normal Dex has every Pokemon including Shadow Pokemon from the GameCube Games, as many special event Pokemon with their ribbons as I could find, every generation accounted for with trainer ids matching notable trainer ids, chosen trainer names based on Pokemon Masters for every potential possibility they would most likely own these Pokemon, dated to the exact date the games released or when the events took place, extra duplicated Pokemon added in to complete some requirements Pokemon HOME has in their checklists, and every move that will be lost if Pokemon Bank closes taught to the correct Pokemon. Due to the lack of space for the gender differences and multiple forms some of the other Pokemon have, the Shiny Dex has every Pokemon starting from Generation 2 and therefore can only be completed if you complete a Shiny Dex of a Generation 1 game such as Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee. The Shiny Dex also has a bonus of filling the rest of its boxes with shiny variants of Shadow Pokemon from Pokemon Coliseum due to an oversight from the developers, making these Pokemon one of the rarest Pokemon to exist legally.

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