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Japanese Pokemon Crystal 2.0.0

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About This File

Recently got a copy of Japanese Pokemon Crystal. I have just started playing this after replacing the battery. Ive added a couple of things to this file before starting it. Nothing crazy though. You start this game right after geting your frist pokemon from Professer Elm.

Save file has:

-all three starter pokemon

-GS Ball added

-Egg ticket added ( this was how you got the odd egg in Japanese Pokemon Crystal; Just talk to the daycare people)

- Has the Johto pokemon that you would get late game in Kanto also some later game pokemon to ( however they are eggs and you have to hatch them; This is my version of the mystery egg lol)

- has metal coat and late game items you you can better evolve later game pokemon sooner

- has other items to make you play though more better; nothing crazy though


Note: I plan to update this in the future :)

Edited by Masterdragon1990
miss spelling some words and fixing it

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


Note Just beat the 5th Gym

the update is (PM_CRYSTAL_BXTJ-1.sav file)

old save file (PM_CRYSTAL_BXTJ-0.sav) is at the start of the game if you want to start from there both have the GS ball , same itemes, lots of team combos ex. see old post.


Update has:

More items

Japanese Event pokemon from gen 1 &2

Japanese Pokemon stadium pokemon ( from both )

More pokemon (if you want to change up the team)

more TM's

all evoltion stones

more shiny pokemon

Kurt has GS ball ( so you can start shiny hunting )

day care couple still has mystery egg ( so you can still shiny hunt it)

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