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Pokémon Center Curry Ingredients and Berry .

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Starting from November 15th, 2019, players could visit Pokémon Centers in Japan to obtain a Mystery Gift containing ingredients that can be used for cooking curry in Sword & Shield's Pokémon Camp.
A "mystery" ingredient was also announced to be part of the distribution, and it was discovered that the mystery ingredient is the Gigantamix.

There were 6 different types of wonder cards, and players could collect a different one everyday, per in-life Pokémon Center visit.

No end date for this distribution has been announced yet.

(out of 100)
Ingredient & Berries
19 boiled-egg.png Boiled Egg chilan.png Chilan Berry charti.png Charti Berry passho.png Passho Berry kebia.png Kebia Berry
19 fancy-apple.png Fancy Apple colbur.png Colbur Berry payapa.png Payapa Berry yache.png Yache Berry aspear.png Aspear Berry
19 fruit-bunch.png Fruit Bunch roseli.png Roseli Berry kasib.png Kasib Berry wacan.png Wacan Berry kebia.png Kebia Berry
19 large-leek.png Large Leek haban.png Haban Berry coba.png Coba Berry rindo.png Rindo Berry rawst.png Rawst Berry
19 smoke-poke-tail.png Smoke-Poke Tail babiri.png Babiri Berry tanga.png Tanga Berry chople.png Chople Berry occa.png Occa Berry
5 gigantamix.png Gigantamix                

For clarification, the weight decides the probability of getting that card. Meaning for example, the Gigantamix card has a 5% chance of occurring.

As of LGPE, wonder cards are no longer stored in saves. As such, players will not be able to inject this event into their save using PKHeX

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