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National Dex Completion Magearna .

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This gift was given to players of Pokémon HOME, as a reward for completing the National Dex. Initially, due to issues with the detection code, players had to shift their entire living dex in their boxes in one session, in order to unlock this Mystery Gift in their Pokémon HOME.

This event also marks the first time Original Color Magearna became available to players.

It appears that this gift was initially intended to be released at launch, however they weren't ready to release it; they instead accidentally gave out a Lv.10 Magearna that had 15 ribbons attached to it.



The unlocking of this Mystery Gift temporarily stopped rolling out for public. However if it was already in your Mystery Gift box, one could still claim it.
There were a few reports of a Lv.10 original color Magearna with 15 ribbons presumably because of this.


(image from Japanese site that had the information. It was since removed)

The OT, ID and tracker ID has been replaced for privacy reasons.
Do note, the PID distributed was fixed. It also appears the recipient cannot have a TID/SID combo what would allow one to be shiny.

 Wonder Card ID #0000: Magearna Gift
 Species   Magearna 
 TID   (recipient) 
 Distribution   In-Game Gift 
 Location   Pokémon HOME 
 Dates   (any) 
 PID   Specified: 00000000 
 Games   SWSH 
 Nature   Mild 
 Ability   Soul-Heart (1) 
 Item   None 
  IVs   EVs
HP 31   ALL
ATK 30  
DEF 30  
S.ATK 31  
S.DEF 31  
SPE 0  

Cherish Ball Lv. 50  
  Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)
   Fleur Cannon    Flash Cannon
   Defense Curl    Rest

Souvenir Ribbon
   OT Name    Nickname   Preset 
 JPN    (recipient)    (default name)   UNSET.png
 ENG    (recipient)    (default name)   UNSET.png
 FRE    (recipient)    (default name)   UNSET.png
 ITA    (recipient)    (default name)   UNSET.png
 GER    (recipient)    (default name)   UNSET.png
 SPA    (recipient)    (default name)   UNSET.png
 KOR    (recipient)    (default name)   UNSET.png
 CHS    (recipient)    (default name)   UNSET.png
 CHT    (recipient)    (default name)   UNSET.png
Only One Redemption Allowed 

Format Ver.2.0.0-11b, Post Updated Date:20201031_0455

* While only one gift was intended, the Magearna was farmable for the initial 1 - 2 days it was made available.



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