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The Pokémon Battle e are e-Reader cards that utilized the e-Reader compatibility of the main series games,
to give players extra content beyond the ones programmed into the games.

They can be obtained as promos or from booster packs.
Examples of various English e-Reader cards can be seen here.

These are the sets that are presently in the set:
1. Pokémon Battle e: Series 1 (08-A001 to 08-A048)
2. Pokémon Battle e: Series Promo cards 08-P001 to 08-P004
3. Pokémon Battle e: American Pokémon Ruby Promo card 129-B001
4. Pokémon Battle e: American Pokémon Sapphire Promo card 129-B002

These e-Card trainers can be injected using @suloku's tool.

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