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PK4: Unused ???-type Arceus .

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About This File

In Generation IV of the core series games, a ???-type Arceus was programmed into the game, the same typing as the move Curse.
However, it goes unused, as there is no legitimate way to convert Arceus's type into ???-type.

While it is possible to change the Arceus's forme via hacking,
as it is not holding the correct plate (which doesn't exist), it will revert back to normal-type when it enters battle.

Generation V and onwards, the move Curse has been changed to ghost-type,
and this forme of Arceus has been removed.

The details below refer specifically to the file uploaded.

 Species   Arceus 
 Nickname   (default, in ENG.png
 OT   Suloku 
 TID   47349 
 Distribution   In-Game Encounter 
 Location   Hall of Origin 
 Dates   Feb 24, 2018 
 PID   Not Shiny / Shiny 
 Games   Diamond 
  Cherish Ball Lv. 80  
 Nature   Impish 
 Ability   Multitype (1) 
 Item   None 
  Defog Defog   (None) (None)
  (None) (None)   (None) (None)


Format Ver.1.0.6-1, Post Updated Date:20180224_0726

[The 3D animated sprite above is a custom-made sprite. This form only existed in Gen 4.]

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