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Gym Leaders Assemble! 1.0.0

About This File

This tournament features various Gym Leaders with different teams from those used in their usual PWT battles. The bracket settings list all trainers as Finalist Battles, but appears to give priority to the first slot (Misty).

Battle Style Double
Amount of Pokémon 4
Level Set to 50
Restrictions • Usual banned Pokémon
• Soul Dew Banned
• No duplicate Pokémon or Hold Items
Finalist Battle Pokémon Trainer Misty
Anytime Battle Pokémon Trainer Jasmine
Anytime Battle Pokémon Trainer Norman
Anytime Battle Pokémon Trainer Volkner
Language Tournament Title Start Date
Japanese しゅうけつ!ジムリーダー! 07.14.2012
Korean 모여라! 체육관 관장과 배틀이다! 11.29.2012

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