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About This File

This tournament is based off of the top 4 players in the Junior Division of the 2012 VGC World Championships. A tournament file with an incorrect team for Brendan was distributed for the first few days.

Battle Style Double
Amount of Pokémon 4
Level Scaled down to 50
Restrictions • Usual banned Pokémon
• Soul Dew Banned
• No duplicate Pokémon or Hold Items
Finalist Battle World Champion Abram
Semifinalist Battle World Runner-up Brian
Anytime Battle World Finalist Brendan
Anytime Battle World Finalist Kippei
Language Tournament Title Start Date
English 2012: Junior Division Challenge 10.21.2012
Japanese ジュニアせかいおうじゃに いどめ!! 10.22.2012
French Défi catégorie junior: 2012 10.21.2012
German Junioren-Herausforderung: 2012 10.21.2012
Italian Categoria Junior: 2012 10.21.2012
Spanish Reto Categoría Júnior: 2012 10.21.2012
Korean 주니어 세계강자에게 도전하자! 04.04.2013

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