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Satoshi's Scraggy 1.0.0

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About This File

Satoshi's Scraggy

This Scraggy was distributed over Nintendo Wi-Fi to commemorate Satoshi's Scraggy hatching from its egg in the anime.

Wondercard ID 031
PID Random
Games BW
Type Wi-Fi
Dates 01.28.2011-02.10.2011
Nickname ズルッグ
Gender Male
Level 1
Nature Adamant
Ability Moxie
OT サトシ
SID 00000
Location Pokémon Event
Ribbon Classic Ribbon Classic Ribbon
Ball Cherish Ball Cherish Ball
Held Item Muscle Band Muscle Band
Leer Leer
Low Kick Low Kick
Headbutt Headbutt
Hi Jump Kick Hi Jump Kick

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