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Fukuoka Kyogre 1.0.0

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Fukuoka Kyogre

This Kyogre can be obtained at the Fukuoka Pokémon Center by showing a staff member any of the Pokémon from the Super-Powerful event around Kyushu. The Sakura Shinkansen Pikachu cannot be used to get this Pokémon. This Wonder Card does not have the normal shiny check in place, so it is possible for it to be a shiny color-variant. Groudon and Kyogre were distributed to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Fukuoka Pokémon Center moving to its new location.

Wondercard ID 066
PID Random
Games BW
Type IR
Dates 04.16.2012-05.06.2012
Nickname カイオーガ
Gender Genderless
Level 80
Nature Random
Ability Drizzle
OT フクオカ
SID 00000
Location PC Fukuoka
Ribbon Classic Ribbon Classic Ribbon
Ball Cherish Ball Cherish Ball
Held Item --- ---
Ice Beam Ice Beam
Ancient Power Ancient Power
Water Spout Water Spout
Thunder Thunder

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