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Found 2 results

  1. So here the new challenge and I need a team for that. To do: Catch or at less recreate the Totem Pokemon and allies/uncatchable pokemon in Sun Moon. What do we need: 2 people in charge of RAM dump Pokemon Sun/Moon + 2 people in charge of finding the location of the wild pokemon + a memory viewer or recreate them. There is a lot of work to do, we need everyone help because it'll take time and it's harder than most of our precedent challenges. Obtained: Gumchoos (T), Raticate (T), Whishiwashi(T), Alomomola(A), Salazzle(T), Shiinotic(O), Parasect(O), Lurantis(T), Nihilego(O), Vikavolt(T), Mimikyu(T), Kommo-o(T),Scizor(A) and from the demo Hakamo-o(T), Rockruff(A) and Pikachu from the Professor(O) T=Totem A=Ally O=Other The Gumchoos (T), Whishiwash(T), Alomomola(A) and Salazzle(T) were obtained by @thaleskpl The demo Halamo-o(T) the Rockruff(A) the Raticate(T), the Shiinotic(O) the Lurantis(T), the Parasect(O), the Nihilego(O), the Vikavolt(T) the Mimikyu(T) the Scizor(A) and the Kommo-o(T) by me ^^ The Pikachu by @theSLAYER Hope you'll help us to get the others.
  2. So Here the research thread for Ghost Marowak. I've seen a video on Youtube of guy who claims Ghost Marowak can be caught be modifying the RAM of your save at CFDA according to him. CFDA corresponds to the Name of your opponent according to the Map but yeah it can be something around. Or the ROM to modify? Here's my sav for those who wants to search with me but are lazy to begin a new adventure just for the event. My theories: maybe the type of battle D057 or battle type D05A? Or there is a flag for ghosts? MarowakRed.sav