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  1. Pokémon Legality

    If the Mega Stone was released recently, it's already been updated in the code (see recent updates on GitHub). For Attacks, some elaboration or further details would be nice.
  2. PKHeX 3288 Bugs

    Ninja'd by mere seconds, Kaph's latest commit fixes the "Boot Up Bug".
  3. PKHeX 3288 Bugs

    Managed to reproduce the Boot Up Bug, will attempt to debug.
  4. PKHeX 3288 Bugs

    Boot Up Bug: Recently reported, unknown cause, unable to replicate. Improper Location Bug: Where is that Arceus from? If you generated it via PKHeX without loading a save first, it'll use PKHeX's default country values. PID Mismatch Bug: Is a feature, not a bug. Gen 4 Pokemon's PID are more strictly generated. PKHeX is also not a PID generator. If you want to generate a legal PID, use RNG Reporter. Wrong Marking: Already fixed, will be out in next release.
  5. I need help.

    @JISN064 the sprite issue has been fixed in a recent commit and will be in the next release. Not too sure for OP's issue.
  6. Noting that Kaphotics has fixed the Wurmple issue in the latest commit:
  7. should fix the Pokemon Link issue, but my question is... Who's that Pokemon?
  8. copy of Emtu's PKMDB and PokeSav's archives

    Already have PKMDB within my collection, they were quite prevalent in the past
  9. Anyone here got hit by the recent banwave?

    Not daring to turn on my 3DSes either. Gah.
  10. Stuck in Japan

    Okie, checking in now, assuming there's nothing more for me.
  11. Stuck in Japan

    Seems like it, though we don't have any information for the infrared ones. I'll let @theSLAYER take the WC7Full question
  12. Stuck in Japan

    @Sabresite got me to change my 3DS date to a few days ahead, and when I received the WC7Full it was dated the actual current date and not my fast-forward date.
  13. SM - Pokemon Center Eeveelution (JPN)

    Looks to be a security thing covering the cart. Here's the 1 second iOS Live Capture of that photo.
  14. Stuck in Japan

    I'm super bored. I missed my flight back to Singapore from my Japan holiday, and now I'm stuck in Tokyo's Narita Airport for 20 hours. Anyway, thought I'd talk about the Pokemon aspects of my trip. This time, I went to Osaka and Tokyo. On 13th May, I reached Osaka - coincidentally the start of the Eeveelutions Event at the Pokemon Center. We popped by PC Osaka, and grabbed 7 of 8 Wonder Cards for the distribution as well as an NTR RAM Dump of the "Boss" process. At 8pm, we were promptly shooed out of the store for closing time. The "Boss" process didn't contain our WC7Full, so @theSLAYER suggested to dump "NWM" and "Niji_loc" (SuMo's process) as well. Pokemon Center Osaka Photos here. I returned on 14th May, grabbing the last WC as well as the process dumps, which @theSLAYER and @Sabresite examined. Jackpot! The WC7Full data was found in the "Niji_loc" process, at offset 0x08000000. @zaksabeast came on to help develop an NTR plugin "WC7Pirate" to make the dumping process easier. Had an unscheduled pass by of PC Tokyo Sky Tree on 18th May - but didn't have time to go inside. On 20th May, we reached PC Mega Tokyo - which seems to have drastically downsized since I was last here (unless I remember wrongly). Unfortunately, tests with the NTR plugin failed, but I got the chance to dump memory again and we learned more about WC7Full's structure and that dates are generated by the distribution device (@Sabresite wanted to check this out). Additionally, I attempted, even with help from Japanese speaking friends, to convince the PC staff it was my birthday. The staff all refused to give me the Birthday Gift Pokemon, saying I need my passport for that, and the most they could do is to give me a birthday card and hat. All was not lost though, I got great shots of the distribution devices for the Eeveelutions (wireless) and Birthday Gift (infrared). Left: Eeveelution Wireless distribution, third line blinks every few seconds | Right: Potentially a backup 3DS Left: Staff sending Birthday Pokemon via Infrared | Right: I'm an Umbreon, mission accomplished Through a series of unfortunate events, including late checkout, going to the wrong station, missing trains, resulted in missing my flight. Narita Airport has a Pokemon Store though, and it's running the Eeveelutions and Birthday Gift distributions too! I essentially have 20 hours next to Pokemon. Played with WC7Pirate again, but still no dice. Had yet another swag run. I tried to get some Australian stranger whose birthday fell on this month, but once the staff figured the 3DS was mine they said no. Bummer. He got a card and cap though. Anyway, we were going to end up camping in a corner of the airport until our flight but that became less and less feasible very quickly. I'm now typing this from my Capsule Hotel, and hopefully ya'll have something for me to poke the Pokemon Store with tomorrow when I wake up P.S. They do turn off the distributions when the store closes.
  15. SM - Pokemon Center Eeveelution (JPN)

    Aww, my "it's my birthday" scam failed twice, looks like they're really strict about the distribution. The staff even said they could give me the happy birthday card but they couldn't give me the Pokemon. Anyway, new dumps and tutorial video in a few hours.