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  1. PKHeX can be used for all Gens.
  2. I don't actually use the database feature, I usually only have one box that changes (trades) and I would like to dump just that to a folder in as little steps as possible. I made a pull request here for your consideration, feel free to accept/decline it Edit: Yay thanks you da best <3
  3. As mentioned PKHeX can dump all boxes, but I'd like to add on that I would love a single box dump feature
  4. Chill mate. He has a legit reason for thinking it's hacked. Just explain nicely next time.
  5. Added the Mew on GitHub: Will be working on all the Gen 4 RNG'd stuff now. What a time that was. Lots of good memories hosting GTS distribution servers for that.
  6. You're not using a release build, are you? Next time, see the details of the changes/commits when you download from the GitHub repository. The builds there may not be stable and hence aren't available as a release.
  7. Probably Monday, or maybe today or tomorrow if I can find the time. Have quite a bit of stuff IRL to settle, including my birthday today :3
  8. Thanks @St. GIGA!
  9. Probably the most important update for this collection - I've just finished revising the Gen 3 Event Collection! There are now folders for every event, well named and hopefully well organized. Finally found some time (2 days) to go through my old files and archives, weed out duplicates and hacks and populate this. CCing @Sabresite, if there are more hacks to be found D: Event Filenames One major change is how the events are labelled. In days of yore, event traders used to label their Pokemon something like: Which I've now changed to: IVs should be a far better unique indicator instead of characteristics. Wonder why that was used in the past. If the IVs are flawless, it'll just show as {F}. If the Pokemon is Shiny, {S} is added. Folders Folders are now named as such: Hopefully that provides good information about the events in those folders. See the changes at: - Gen IV - Gen III Pal Park/08 - Gen III - Events Download the latest release at: Probably won't be another update for a bit while I deal with some life challenges. Am not looking forward to Gen 4...
  10. Final gameplay check-in done, just 15 missing Pokemon from XY (Friend Safari, will do this some time in the future). Now to work on events. Release posted at
  11. Version 20170315


    A collection of Pokemon from every game. See thread for more information and progress: And GitHub for latest updates:
  12. Version 3.1.13


    Original Developer: Codr Description: Original Thread
  13. Should be fixed in next release, reference:
  14. Hiker (Gyarados for Magikarp Trade) Constant: 174 Maid (Anything for Eevee Trade) Constant: 177 Values: 0: Never Spoken 1-3: Spoken 4: Ready to Trade 5: Trade Complete Other stuff that should be in a different thread but I'm too lazy: Chosen Starter Note: This affects stuff like the Shauna Starter Trade. To change the bird that appears post-Elite Four, the constant must be set BEFORE the post-credits save. Constant: 48 0: Chespin 1: Fennekin 2: Froakie Shauna Starter Trade Complete IsSet: 0094 Legendary Birds No idea how the legendary birds 1-10 encounter count is tracked, but for my test case with Articuno: On 10th encounter, Articuno moves from route to Sea Spirit's Den. Apparently, no flags or constants changed. On entering Sea Sprit Den, Unset 0822, 230: 0->1. On catching Articuno, IsSet 0822, 230: 1->0 While INSIDE Sea Spirit's Den, setting the following value will cause Articuno to appear by walking into the center, no flag required: 230->1. Update: This (230->1, 0822) is the same for Zapdos and Moltres. The game is somehow figuring out which bird to give but I can't find where that value is stored.
  15. Rename PKHeX.exe to PKHaX.exe.