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  1. Yeah you can delete the config files. It'll rebuild correctly on the next run.
  2. Try updating to Windows 8.1 first.
  3. Note that there are two - an Offline Installer (which I linked earlier) and an Online Installer (linked in the help thread). Whichever one you used earlier, try the different one.
  4. Try downloading this variant of .NET Framework 4.6 instead:
  5. It's trying to automatically load a save file from an external media, correct? If so, would you be able to attach your save file and share how you're extracting it?
  6. Grab a legal copy from Tools > Data > Mystery Gift Database and edit from there.
  7. Edit? More like create from scratch maybe? The relearn moves should be, in order, Fleur Cannon, Flash Cannon, Lucky Chant, Helping Hand.
  8. Attach a box dump too if you can
  9. Created a pull request that should fix this: Should be fixed in the next release. Thanks for reporting
  10. event archive

    Seeing how it's one digit off, probably a typo on Serebii's end.
  11. Fascinating. Please attach your save file so we can investigate.
  12. To get a compiled version of the latest commit, go to, click [Artifacts], then download the .zip.
  13. 15 - Gen V - B2W2 Collection: COMPLETE!