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  1. bug

    Not possible to get HA Alola starters yet.
  2. That's more of a game question than a PKHeX question. Sure, you can essentially generate anything you want with PKHeX, but it wouldn't be "legal" and you wouldn't be able to go online with it. You can't get a Level 5 Torracat legally.
  3. Shiny Magikarp with Bounce to be distributed via serial code in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Dates: 2017/1/28 - 2017/2/6 Level: 19 Held Item: Rare Candy Visit the website for participating retailers and shops: @theSLAYER which of us will get it first?
  4. Could not reproduce. Seems to be working as expected. Make sure the Pokemon you're editing is in the Party tab. Tick [Hacked Stats], edit the stats and Set it back in the Party. That's it.
  5. Oh, thought you were talking about the .pk4.
  6. PKHeX seems to load it okay for me
  7. Isn't this choice ultimately up to you, whether you want to have an easy run or play the game as intended?
  8. Try:
  9. PKHeX can actually suggest moves, met locations, etc. Click on the labels or groupbox to get the suggestion pop-up.
  10. I wasn't aware you could hatch those legendaries. Also from the screenshot it looks like those are Mega formes - those can't exist outside of battle.
  11. This guide should help:
  12. Under the Met tab, hit "As Egg".
  13. You can't transfer past-Gen Pokemon to Sun/Moon yet. At least, I'm assuming that's what you're doing.
  14. Nice! And yeah, Gen 7 Pokemon have no memories. In fact, if your code is from PKHeX, any changes made to the Pokemon in terms of memories wouldn't be persistent afaik.
  15. No, not really. We need more information. Are you on a specific CFW, do you have A9LH? If you're booting into FBI right, what happens when you try and install the PKSM .cia?