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Thread: Tekken 6

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    Tekken 6

    Tekken 6 came out Tues. Oct. 27, 2009. I was wondering if anyone likes Tekken on the forums. If you do, who are some of the people you're good with?

    I'm good with Kazuya, Jin, Devil Jin, Bob, Eddy, Christie, Law, and somewhat good with Lars.
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    Re: Tekken 6

    I'm not so good with Tekken, but i do love the series. I might be getting a PS3 because my brother is so obsessed with Tekken.

    And since my beloved dog recently passed away, when we get a new dog i really want to name is Kuma, since German Shepherds look similar to bears. xD And Kuma is my favorite. character.

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    Re: Tekken 6

    Quote Originally Posted by markwillson01 View Post
    ^ Informative... *chuckle*
    I've played a decent amount of Tekken 6 and like it... I still prefer Soul Calibur to Tekken, but Tekken isn't that bad, it's just awkward to hold backwards for guard in a 8-way run fighter...
    As for my characters, I especially like Brian, Kuma, Raven, Dragunov, Jack-6, Wang, and Yoshimitsu (even though I prefer Soul Calibur's Yoshimitsu...)...
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    Re: Tekken 6

    I have never tried this game. But after reading the review I get excited to play this game.

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