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Thread: PKHeX - Gen 1-6 SAV/PKM Editor

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    PKHeX - Gen 1-6 SAV/PKM Editor

    PKMs and SAVs can be injected to X/Y/OR/AS if you have any of the following:

    • Homebrew Menu & Save Manager App (11.1+ need Bank & JKSV)
    • X-20 thru X-22 Applet Version (the number after your Firmware Version, no new3DS) using Web Injection
    • <=9.2.0 Firmware Console using SaveDataFiler
    • JP Cart+JP System using Cyber Save Editor & Dongle

    NO POWERSAVES. Datel does not allow edited save resigning. NO SKY3DS EITHER.

    Download Link At Bottom of Post

    Save files must be decrypted in order to load & save.
    Methods how to view (not inject) your Powersaves are in the X/Y Save File Research Thread.

    Complete list of shortcuts and update history is available within program via Options->About.

    Source code is available on my GitHub.

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    Re: PKHeX - Gen 1-6 SAV/PKM Editor

    What's New?
    - Added: Gen I, II, Save Editing; Box Viewer, Mystery Gift Database
    - Improvements & Fixes: Oodles.

    9/18/16 - New Update
    - Added: Gen 1 & 2 support. Thanks SciresM, and all those who tested!
    - Added: Gen 1<->2 conversion. Thanks SciresM!
    - Added: Super Secret Training Completed flag. Thanks SciresM!
    - Added: Program will now check for updates when the program starts. If an update is available, a URL label will appear.
    - Added: Mystery Gift event database browser. Currently only views wc6, can be loaded to tabs! Hotkey is CTRL-G.
    - Added: Gen 4 & 5 Pokedex form flags will be set when the Pokémon is set to the save file.
    - Added: Hall of Fame time in Trainer editor. Thanks ricksee!
    - Added: Gen 1/2/3 Met Location and Item strings for Spanish and Chinese games. Thanks ajtudela & easyworld!
    - Added: Spiky Eared Pichu sprite.
    - Added: MetDate/EggMetDate property setting in the Batch Editor (refer to FAQ, yyyyMMdd format). Thanks AvantGourd!
    - Added: Box Viewer popup for easier box management. Doubleclick the "Box" tab. To open more than one, hold Shift while double clicking.

    - Fixed: Non-box drag&drop slots will set the cursor to the slot's sprite while dragging, just like Box Slots.
    - Fixed: O-Power editing saving will now save back to the save file.
    - Fixed: Improved save detection for gen4/5 games, including saves that were just (re)started.
    - Fixed: Gen4 ribbon editor give-all no longer throws an exception.
    - Fixed: Changed event constants from signed to unsigned. Thanks evandixon!
    - Fixed: Changing Unown's form as a pk3 will now update the PID. Thanks NinFanBoyFTW!
    - Fixed: EncounterType dropdown now appears at the correct time. Thanks JSS!
    - Fixed: HM07/HM08 inventory editing for gen4/5. Thanks msbhvn & Liger0!
    - Fixed: Setting gen4 HGSS balls corrected. Thanks theSLAYER!
    - Fixed: Gen3 inventory editor give-all disabled, as Bag is too small to give all items for a given pouch. Thanks Liger0!
    - Fixed: Gen1/2/3 sub-editors erasing changes made to box Pokémon. Thanks SciresM, MichiS97!
    - Fixed: Tangled Feet Rayquaza in Gen3. Thanks Delta Blast Burn!

    - Legality: Level 20 Gallade is now recognized as legal. Thanks Rohul1997!
    - Legality: Gen4 starters disallowed from having Gen3/4 balls. Thanks /u/Subject21_J
    - Legality: Added Super Training legality checks. Thanks sora10pls!

    - Changed: Inventory Editing now uses prettier sprites for each tab.
    - Changed: Showdown Set parsing updated to account for user error when manually typing a set instead of exporting from Showdown as intended.
    - Changed: Backed up save file names are now easier on the eye. Gen 1-5 saves will use played time, Gen 6 use the last saved datetime.
    - Changed: First 3 tabs of PKM editor (left side) redesigned to fit and collapse controls for all the different games that are supported.
    - Changed: Tabs with no controls visible will be hidden. Example: Hiding Box Tab with ORAS Demo save loaded.
    - Changed: Met locations are now top-sorted with the locations available to the Origin Game.

    If I forgot / excluded anything or anyone... please forgive me. So many things changed in the last 4 weeks!

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