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  • Part 4: Editing TMs and HMs

    ** You may need to understand Part 1 of this tutorial before you can extract the files used in any other parts**

    This is really easy to do. The moves contained in the TMs (and HMs which aren't actually obtainable in game and their items don't have any data) are just listed one by one in the start.dol file. If you change the move number the move contained in the TM will change. You don't even need to worry about compression. They are each 6 bytes of 0x00 followed by the 2 byte value representing the move.

    The TM data is located at 0x365018 in Colosseum and 0x4023A0 in XD. (or just search for 0x00 00 00 00 00 00 01 08 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 51 which represent focus punch and dragon claw, the first 2 TMs.)

    The HMs come right after the TMs. You will also notice that the HMs have an 0x01 for the first byte rather than the 0x00. I haven't tested exactly what effect this has but HMs can't be deleted without the use of the move deleter. It is possible that changing this value to 0x00 like the TMs then that may allow you to delete the move. There is also an HM flag in the move data so I'd set that to 0x00 as well. HMs have no other effect in colo/xd so there is no advantage to counting them as HMs.


    You may also want to change the text for the TM. If you look at the text for the items the TMs have the text that describes the original move they contain.

    Part 5:


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