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  • The Generic Mod

    The generic mod the simplest of mods that works on any NDS or 3DS ROM. Like all mod types, it can generate a patch based on the files you edit within it.


    1. On the New Project window, choose "Generic Mod" in the drop-down, and fill in the name with something that makes sense. Then click OK.
    2. Wait for the file copy to complete. The bottleneck here is the hard drive you created the modpack on, though this generally doesn't take as much time as most other mod types.
    3. Go to "(Solution Directory)/(Project Directory)/Raw Files" in your favorite file explorer. You should see a copy of your unpacked ROM. Using whatever external tools you like (or even Sky Editor in some cases), you can edit these files to your heart's content.
    4. When you're finished, build the modpack, and your changes will be made into a patch along with all of your other projects, if applicable.


    By default, any files you delete in a generic mod will not result in deletions in the patch. Instead, this guarantees these files are not modified by the mod. This can be useful if you want to save disk space, or if you want to set up a more advanced solution with multi-Base ROM projects, and have this mod build against both.

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    Hey im pretty new to modding. What program do you recommend to edit the files for generic mods. Lets say I wanna edit a pokemon's ability in PSMD. I added the pokemon data info bin file to sky editor but it said there was no IU available.

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    I'm trying to find a good .str file editor. they all seem unable to find most of the games script, as in the things the characters say when you enter cutscenes. i don't really care for modifying the cutscene it's self. i just want to be able to chaange what they say. if anyone can help out i would appreciate.

    i'm playing sky version if that maters or helps


    i tried opening it in a text doc, and have found that the character dialog isn't even in the MESSAGE folder under rawfiles.. so now i'm more confused.. do i need to use a script editor to modify what the characters say in cut scenes? is it all liked to that code??

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