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  • Cheats from Stats

    Cheats from Stats

    This glitch allows the game to constantly load cheats from the IVs and EVs of a Pokemon in your party.
    Before you begin, make sure you've done steps A1 and A2 in the introduction.

    Before you proceed, I recommend having said Pokemon already be in your selected slot of your party.
    Swapping Pokemon from the selected slot will swap the cheat. An uncoded Pokemon can crash the game.

    To obtain a coded Pokemon, do Change IVs and EVs first.

    As usual, for each row/name, you need to run through steps B1 to B7.

    Use Slot 5:
    Box 9 Name 1: _A?e09
    Box 9 Name 2: _A?f!/
    Box 9 Name 3: _A?d's♂

    Use Slot 6:
    Box 9 Name 1: _A?eMZ
    Box 9 Name 2: _A?f./
    Box 9 Name 3: _A?d's♂ 

    Illegal Expanded Slot 5 (only usable with illegal expanded Pokemon):
    Box 9 Name 1: _A?e/1
    Box 9 Name 2: _A?f!/
    Box 9 Name 3: _A?d's♂
    edit: If your illegal expanded Pokemon is correct, your character overworld sprite should change
    If that doesn't happen, redo the coding of it; something is wrong with it.
    do not let the illegal expanded PKMN gain exp or EVs, always deposit in box before healing in PKMN Center.

    1. Choose to either use Slot 5 or Slot 6, from above.
    2. Ensure you've gotten a coded Pokemon in the select slot, done in Change IVs and EVs or imported using PKHeX.
    3. There are 3 box names, run B1 to B7 for each box name (meaning it'll be done thrice)
    4. The "gameshark" is now active until game shutdown! Switching slots will switch effect! To get the effect again on next launch, just start from Step 1!

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