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  1. Hello again all, is there a simple way to get the Toys R Us Arceus into Gen 7, along with it being legal? Tried 'pk2pk' to convert it to .PK7, but still get the "Invalid: Incorrectly transferred from previous generation" message.
  2. Hello everyone, hoping I can be pointed in the right direction! I'm interested in being able to use Lillie's pokemon in US/UM. (Clefairy, Ribombee, Comfey) In Red/Blue, I remember using a Gameshark code, you could catch and essentially clone other characters' pokemon (such as gym leaders), they would just not have any moves included. Is there anyway to similarly do this in US/UM, where you can clone, or export, one of the characters' pokemon, preserving their stats, abilities, etc. - having "authentic" versions? That'd be really cool, but I'm guessing it doesn't work that simply, since the data such as how the Pokemon were met and acquired wouldn't exist. Or, is the only way to just build them from scratch, using the info provided on bulbapedia, then fill them out with the OT # (from the Lillie's Alolan Vulpix event)? Thanks for any info! EDIT: It appears (using an Action Replay?) that you can catch Opponent's Pokemon as seen here: youtu.be/Id3yiKnPPVw ............Since Lillie is never an opponent, think this would also work in Team Battles?
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