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  1. The box is full of eggs,i just deleted some eggs arround the shiny one
  2. I obtained the original save file by Checkpoint on swith. The original can be opened by PKHeX. When i modify it, the save file location was on my computer
  3. After modifying the save, I clicked save main and overwrite the save before modification
  4. Hello, I use the latest version of PKHex (20200314) But he gives the same error over and over: --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Attempted to load an unsupported file type/size. This could be caused by loading a different generation Pokemon file on an unsupported generation or your file is corrupt. File Loaded: D:\Desktop\新建文件夹\fd1\main File Size: 1513822 bytes 1513822 bytes (0x17195E) --------------------------- 确定 --------------------------- I read many topics here but i can't find the answer. Hopefully someone can help me to fix this. I use a save file of Pokemon Sword main1 main2
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