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  1. Well I do thank you for the help. I did just go through the process there and still the same issue. I think for now I'll just restore the December file that I have and use that for now and try again in a bit. Thank you so much for your time with this!
  2. It's all good. but to answer both of those, no, my antivirus didn't delete the program (I actively have my antivirus disabled, and when windows requests if it's okay to run the new program, I allow it), and no, I have always had it in a dedicated PKHex folder where the previous versions have always worked before. Usually when a new version comes out, I delete the old version, move the zip file to the dedicated folder, extract it there and run it and it usually works fine. But for some reason this version doesn't want to run. I've even tried running it as administrator a
  3. So, as the title states, I downloaded the newest version of PKHex (at time of uploading, it came out roughly 1 hour ago) and for some reason, I am not able to open it... at all. I instead get this message. any help please? I've already tried a fresh download and extraction a few times, but still nothing.
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