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  1. This is a help thread I started mate, google is your friend for these kinds of things just like I have used for all of this!! some of us are not rich enough to buy 2 just for hacking hahaha
  2. How much does it effect your switch? and whats the band rate on it? Just worried that my switch will get locked forever and I won't be able to play online ever again... However I suppose thats the risk you take when hacking aye?
  3. I attempted to do 1 pokemon at a time, it seems that yes to many pokemon that aren't normally registered to the game crashes it, except i've run into another problem where ive transffered 3 pokemon over to bank and home and attempted to transfer a rillaboom over and its crashing again but anyhow, thanks for the reply! What do you think would be the best method of hacking for the sword and shield pokemons?
  4. Hi guys! new to the forums and pokemon hacking! I downloaded a PK8 to PK7 converter the other day and I managed to test a Grookey and trade it over from the bank to home, but heres the problem! I then went on to create all the Pk8's to Pk7's and when I put them into Pkhex and then onto my DS, When I go to transfer them into the bank and hit save my DS just craches! I've tried a couple of things and I've tried googling the hell out of it but I cannot seem to find anything? I know this can be done but how!!? can someone please point me in the direction as I don't want to hack my switch, Thanks in Advance!!
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