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  1. Hi, A question, I can configure SysBot.NET so that a user can make multiple exchanges, without waiting time. In case yes, would you help me with the properties, please. Thanks,
  2. Hi! I try compile pkhex solution, but i have problem with pkhex win forms/subforms/saveEditor/SAV_Inventory.resx Error descriptrion: The Subforms \ Save Editors \ SAV_Inventory.resx file cannot be processed because it is on the Internet or in a restricted area, or it is Web branded. Remove this check if you want to process the files. PKHeX.WinForms \ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft Visual Studio \ 2019 \ Community \ MSBuild \ Current \ Bin \ Microsoft.Common.CurrentVersion.targets 3032 I have visual studio 2019 I have no idea how to solve, help me please. Thanks
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