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  1. The title is self explanatory. I play on desmume my Diamond save. I save normally. I get the .dsv file, which is 513kb. Whenever i open it in PKHEX and i save it again, the size is doubled to 1024kb. This happens to every other gen 4/5 save file, meaning all Desmume files. It doesnt matter if i edit anything or not. I could just open the file, save it without doing nothing, and the size is still increased. This has led me to believe its a PKHEX problem, and not a Desmume problem. Desmume recognises the save file in both sizes, either its 513kb or 1024kb. In short, i can play the game normally. Thing is i need to edits some stuff and PHKEX is essential. I already know about hex trimming and im doing that every time i want to edit something, but its very time consuming. Is this a bug of the software, do i have wrong settings, does anyone else have this problem? Thanks in advance
  2. Hello, im Odyman, and i created an account here JUST for this, because after some search, i couldnt find anything on it. Recently i started replaying all pokemon games, and im in hg and ss currently. I have created 2 rattata with all 8 hm moves, and i usually roam with 5 pokemon, and only 1 rattata, depending on what hms i will need. Sometimes, in caves, i will need to switch my rattata to get the rest of the hms i need for navigation. Here is where the problem lies. If i switch rattata, change box, save, end export, when i go into the game, i still have the old rattata with me, but i also have THE SAME rattata in the box, where the second rattata should be. Also, when i do my job and try to save the game, it says "saving a lot of data", which is the only instance i have seen this happen, other than the first save of the game. Last but not least, i need to save twice for the data to be written correctly (even though i think this is an emulator problem), and if i dont, when i open the game again, it says that my data is corrupted and loads the last working data. I dont lose much in the rollback, but it is something annoying. Anyone else have this problem? Im using the DeSmuMe Emulator, version 0.9.11. I dont know if this is useful information. Thanks in advance
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