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  1. I think those shinies have PID locked to its IVs. So can anyone send a me a file of them please?
  2. @Kaphotics can you help here? I think it's cuz it's not a egg move anymore, and can only be obtained if you breed mime jr, mr mime can't learn it if you breed him directly without the incense. That might be the problem somehow
  3. Hi there, can someone help me identify why this is accusing as hacked? I can't Evolve this Mime JR on SwSh cuz it would turn into Galar MR Mime, and I want it to be Kanto, don't know if everstone would imply in something for this. Here are the files, mime jr is tagged as legit, ,while the same mr mime is accusing as hacked cuz of Healing Wish, which is a Mime Jr Egg move in Gen7 Files: 439 ★ - Ash's Mom - 9B0AE69D2988.pk8 122 ★ - Ash's Mom - D414E69D2988.pk8
  4. Is there a place to find a save like this? I'm searching for some time and didnt found anything like this. A save for UMUS is okay, I do have a save like this for SWSH already.
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