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  1. I Think i cant cause my Switch is unlocked... Atmosphere... Thats my save file... main
  2. Hi, i edited my save file to play Mewtwo Raid event but now i want to remove it from my file and play the game normaly... can someone help me? Thank you.
  3. I Tried almost one hour to find any normal raid 4* and nothing... i was just unlucky? Other question: Wishing Piece raid works or just natural ones? How do i remove the event from my file? Thank you for the help!
  4. @theSLAYER Thank you for the great content! Can u help me? I cant find any 4* Raid to try catch wartortle or ivysaur... the ones that i founded was all 5* (Mewtwo, Toxtricity, Kingler, Grimmsnarl) I did anything wrong? Im in the post game.
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