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    GREAT work as usual! Only thing I get when they're a shiny legendary from max raids, I get " Static Encounter Shiny Mismatch". Pretty sure this is a problem from PKHEX as they are able to be shiny through the max raids. I just hate seeing the Red Exclamation Mark and then trying to put them into game. Should be good to go still right? TIA!
  1. @Kaphotics that fixed that issue thank you. and is there anything to make it open faster? (the program itself) it used to be lightening fast, unless its doing that for everyone now from the new update? thanks in advance! edit: that actually fixed everything. you are a life saver!
  2. So i just downloaded the latest version, and now pkhex is SUPER slow. Takes forever to open up, and when it does open up, trying to open a file is just as long if not longer. NEVER had this problem before. PC is built to run anything, Great gaming PC, plenty of everything. I dont know what is going on and if theres a fix. I tried to find a way to uninstall pkhex and then fresh install, but there isnt a way to take it off your PC completely.. Is there anything someone can suggest?
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