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  1. I'm guessing it really is just a dongle error. I changed the .bak to a .sav and edited it, resaved, tried putting the save file back onto the cart, booted it up and still had my regular save. Ahhhh. Thanks for the help by the way.
  2. I have the drivers, but I tried reinstalling them anyway and it says that I already have a better version is already installed for both. Maaaaaaaan I really wish I just plugged it into another USB drive and it magically worked :((
  3. Could it be that I'm using a 3ds and it's encrypting the save file? I tried again and it still won't open, I'm guessing it's just done the same thing
  4. Wow... that is strange. Yes I did save correctly, maybe a dongle error? I'll save and upload another one shortly
  5. My apologies, just being impatient. Every time I open the .SAV file with PKHeX it just says 'Invalid save file loaded. Aborting.' and nothing happens. Not sure if it's a japanese save file error or what.. It doesn't let me edit the .SAV file in ANY save editing software, but it does let me editing .BAK files. With PokeGen I open the save file, select Japanese Diamond and it just closes instantly.
  6. Using PKHex or any other software, it does not let me edit .SAV files. Only .BAK files for some reason.
  7. Hi, I have a Japanese Diamond cart with R4i save dongle. I am wondering how to convert the .SAV file into a .BAK file in order to edit. I've done it before but can't remember how I did it. Also converting .BAK to .SAV afterwards to put back onto the cart. I cannot find a simple answer, only vague replies and broken links. Thanks in advance.
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