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  1. Hi, It's the first time something like this happened to me, so I thought I'd share. I was playing the game on GameCube via Game Boy Player (using Game Boy Interface), the game was running from Everdrive-GBA X5 using LeafGreen Rev.1 English ROM. I was going through Victory Road like normal, then Repel ran out. I wanted to apply another one, but I couldn't scroll up/down through my bag, although I could change the bag pockets. When I returned to the overworld, my player sprite and one of the boulders were invisible, and the rest of the sprites became garbage. Sometimes the screen was riddled with green vertical lines. The game finally crashed when I viewed one of my Pokemon's data. Here's the video of the glitch. Excuse the slightly vulgar voice commentary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJm52Qwt1es Thankfully, I saved the game when the glitch was in progress. After loading the game most of the glitchyness is gone, but the player sprite and one of the boulders are still invisible. When you try to move said boulder, some weird stuff can happen to other sprites in the area (see screenshots). The game doesn't seem to crash anymore, the vertical lines are gone, and items in bag can be chosen normally. Going to another floor seems to fix this glitch entirely, I was able to beat the rest of the game without issues. There were no cheats used, although admittedly two of my Pokemon were artificially created in PKHeX. With that said, they were normally traded from another GBA that I have using a link cable - the LeafGreen save was never edited. I have attached the save file, just in case anyone wants to mess around with it. Any idea what has happened? Did anyone else come across such weird glitch? I'm asking just out of pure curiousity. Pokemon_-_LeafGreen_Version_USA_Europe_Rev_1.sav
  2. Okay, thanks for the explanation I didn't use any cheats, so maybe this was just a one time fluke. Anyway, I'm glad it's working again.
  3. Yeah, it works now! Thanks a ot If you don't mind, may I ask what went wrong with the save and how did you go about fixing it? Was the corruption my fault, or something that could be avoided in the first place?
  4. Hi, I was playing Sapphire on my GBA with Everdrive X5, but right near the end of the game (IIRC right after the battle with Wallace) the save got corrupted somehow. I was getting the "The save file has been deleted..." message, and that's it. I was able to copy the same from Everdrive to my PC, and the save doesn't work in VBA either... however, PKHeX loads it with no issues. With that said, veryfing this save in PKHex gives a message "Block 09 @ 02000 invalid.". Exporting the save seems to fix that, but it still doesn't work on VBA nor Everdrive. I'd assume that since the save seems to be fine in PKHeX with all data intact, it should be able to repair it somehow... but how? Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Pokemon - Sapphire Version (USA, Europe) (Rev 2).dat
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