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  1. Also I plan to use my mons in ranked mode and they only allow Galar born mons.
  2. I have it on 3DS and has worked succesfully, but can't make galar mons from 3DS that's why...
  3. I am transfering PK hex mons through Bank from hacked switch to vanilla switch. I have to hack it to get PK hex first...
  4. Not sure if this is the right forum section for posting this. I just joined, I have a fresh unpatched switch I want to hack to get PKhex on it but not sure if I should download Pokemon HOME first before doing so for faster transferring? If this isn't possible let me know. I heard you can't go online at all once the switch is modified. Just want confirmation that manual individual trading from hacked switch to vanilla switch is the fastest way to transfer Pokemon if that's the case. Just want to know before I stick this RCM jig inside it.
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