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  1. It looks like it is correctly showing up in PKHeX! Even after saving a new file after selecting the right game in PKHeX, it still shows up as Emerald in WC3 Tool so for now I'll just override the game to Sapphire and hope the injection works! Thank you! Edit: Eon Ticket injection went perfectly and my save consistently shows up as RS now
  2. Hi everyone, I've been pulling my hair out over this issue I've been having with my Pokemon Sapphire save. I used to be gameshark happy in my childhood, so I think a code I used in the past garbled the gamecode information. This save is from an authentic sapphire cartridge I dumped using GBA Backup Tool. My Ruby version is fine, which makes sense as I never used a gameshark on it before. Whenever I pull it up in PKHeX, it detects as an emerald save. I looked on bulbapedia and figured out that offset 0x00AC contains the gamecode data, so I zeroed out the section in HxD. The latest version of WC3 Tool still detects it as an Emerald save and wont let me inject anything without overriding it...PKHeX is weird in that the older (~2018) version of PKHeX was still showing my save as Emerald, but the newest version recognizes it correctly as an RS save. Maybe the gamecode information is located in a place other than the one on Bulbapedia? I am not that intelligent when it comes to these things, but if anyone can help me find the proper offset or help me fix it it would be great.
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