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  1. I used some PK file that has a shiny Deoxys on it for USUM and it's Normal Form, flagged as legal. What I was wondering is If I could create multiple with different forms.
  2. Does Shiny Deoxys captured on Emerald version have multiple forms? Or only normal?
  3. I see. I missunderstood. So now it works perfectly. Thanks. So basically, the 2 moves that come up on serebii, let's say on this Grookey, are it's hatched moves. Then I'll add the egg move and it should be ready to go. Right?
  4. I got rid of endure. Doesn't work either. This is the alert I'm getting.
  5. Hi! This might have been answered already but I'm having trouble creating Shiny Eggs in PkHex. Everything works but the moves. I haven't found any configuration that works. Checked on serebii for it's egg moves, etc. I attached the file. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to put 4 moves? Don't mind the trainer info, ID or SID. I can change that to a good one anytime. 447 ★ - Egg - 8A8A00000000.pk8
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