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  1. Anyone know how to Hex edit the natures of certain trainer's pokemon, like let's say cynthia? If so how, cause I am only seeing the pokemon, the level, and the attacks that belong to her in the hex editor? Or maybe I am missing something? I tried using some trainer editors like PPTE but they have everything but the nature part of the pokemon. I only ask cause renegade platinum by drayano has trainers and their pokemon natures, so there must be a way. Also if you find it screenshots pls -Thx
  2. Um since that's based on a sav file does that mean I can't change this value in the actual rom file, when I open it in the hex editor? I was also thinking of giving ONLY the E4 shiny pokemon but not sure where to start, since I don't see a value for it under that trainer's pokemon (there are only values for the pokemon, lv, attack and held item). Do you have any ideas how to go about this? And thank you for your help so far
  3. This is for a rom hack. I don't want to give people the option to a shift battle style. Its a hard hack BTW not for my own personal use. Do you have any ideas on the address location for this and what value i would need to set it to?
  4. I need the hex address to disable the shift battle style, so the game won't be asking players to switch pokemon, if someone knows how to find it and what value should be place to disable it, can you please let me know. thx Also there is a platinum disassembly here: https://github.com/JimB16/PokePlat
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