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  1. Hello, hello, sorry if I've missed something or broken a rule, I'm trying my best. I don't vvant to be too picky, but im getting ready to start shiny hunting and breeding in general but I'm lacking a good ditto and I have no japanese friends. I don't mind if this ditto is hacked or not, I'd prefer if it vveren't, but again, I don't vvant to be picky. I vvill try to give something decent in return. Pokemon Species: Ditto [JPN] Held Item: None/Any Level: Any Ability: Any Nickname (If wanted): Rasputin Trainer ID (If specific): Any Secret ID (If specific): Any Shiny (Yes or No): Any Egg (Yes or No): No Nature: Any [Modest, Adamant, Timid, or Jolly preferred] Pokérus Status: Any Pokéball Captured In: Luxury Ball EV Stats: Any IV Stats: At least 6 strongly preferred, but if you cant get that 5 max IV is alright too. Ribbons (If any): Any Location/Date Met: Any Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): No Friend Code (If Trading): SW-0788-6914-6095
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