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  1. Okay, I'll give it a try. Thanks. Edit: I just tried it, and it works! Thanks again!
  2. Here are my saves. I'm guessing you only need to use the "main" file. backup main poke_trade
  3. Yeah, hi. I just downloaded the latest version of your Wonder Records Tool: But whenever I try to use it, this happens: I'm also using the latest version of PKHeX. Is something wrong with your plugin?
  4. Hey, I just got the Hidden Ability Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble starters from Pokémon Home, and then I evolved them into Rillaboom, Cinderace, and Inteleon, respectively. I fed them Max Soup in order to get their Gigantamax forms, but when I upload my save with them onto PKHeX, it says they're illegal and it's unable to match a Mystery Gift in its database. They were legal before the Max Soup, so is there a problem with PKHeX? I wonder.
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