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  1. only to remember, i saw someone in internet telling that in a different version of pokemon this also occour.
  2. yes sir. hello people from this forum, this is my first post and i have a mistery for all you guys, recently i have been trying to understand what pokemon is all about, and i thought about the character N from pokemon black and white, he releases all pokemon after catch and use it for a breef period so i was thinking that pokemon do not wish to be with me, so i released a lot of my pokemon, but for my surprise some pokemon did not wish me to release them, the message that apears is that in the title "shroomish is worried about you" so i bring this information in here for you smart guys trying to enlight me with information for what i have researched its not because: 1 HM's - the pokemon has no HM's so its not that 2 No maximum happiness so its not that 3 iam not stuck in any city - iam in the first city on emerald and two pokemon refuse to leave my party when i go to any CENTER POKEMON. 4 if i catch a pokemon that accepts release then the Shroomish and Treecko will be released too if i have the third pokemon that accepts released. 5 in the internet i saw people fouding same effect in different versions of pokemon games but not many information what i want to know is... 1 how to catch more pokemon that do not aceept to leave my party? 2 anyone knows the chances of this happening? 3 is more difficult than shinys? 4 why this happen? thanks for meverything here is the picture with the message
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