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  1. Is that so. and is it legal and playable online directly? it's weird because with all the serious people who exchange me zeraora (of pokemon home), when I go on pkhex the home tracker is always at 000000000 There must be a problem with this pokemon. He is the only one who does this
  2. hello I don't understand why the following error message appears : invalid geolocation country is not in 3ds region However I had this pokemon by a person who owned it thanks to the pokemon home thanks
  3. yes sorry but it was just to know if there will be an update and not when will there be an update
  4. hello I would like to know if there will be an update of PKHEX to know the legality of pokemons from the pokemon home like the met location or others thanks you
  5. excuse me if the question has already been asked but despite the downloading of these pk8 files, we still cannot use them on pkhex until there has been a software update from what I have understood
  6. ok thank you i will try that. I must take a sinistea or I can take directly polteagest in the wild
  7. hello, I try to have Polteageist antique form via pkhex but each time I get the error message: Invalid: enable to match an encounter from origin game. ' I have however tried many meeting places but I can't seem to have this legit pokemon form Thanks for your help
  8. hello, hello, i don't understand why toxic is incompatible with umbreon in pkhex: invalid move error. thanks for your help
  9. actually I didn't pay attention, the pokemon was not at the required level. Thank you
  10. hello, i don't understand why belly drum is incompatible with Snorlax in pkhex: invalid move error. thanks for your help
  11. Hello, thank you for your response. Actually I had to shorten the OT name, but never mind. Do you know where I can find dracovish with hidden abilitie sand rush because pkhex tells me: invalid hidden abilitie missmatch for encounter type Thank you for your help I just saw that the hidden abilitie sand rush is not available at the moment
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