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  1. Thank you for that very informative response. I have decided not to go through with it (for now). Maybe if they release S/Sh 2 or the rumored D/P remakes because to be honest, sacrificing all that for S/Sh which I found to have a very lackluster experience seems not worth it to me after all.
  2. So this checkpoint thing acts like a save state of some sort? And as long as you play in that state, you have no risk of getting banned? Kind of like having a "dirty" save with all the genned pokemon and a clean "save?" How do you get the genned pokemon into your "clean" save? Sorry for all the questions. Just wanted to get a good grasp on things before deciding if I want to go through with it.
  3. So it seems my switch is hackable since the first few serials are XAJ70003... and so on. I mainly want to use PKHex for cloning my hard earned shiny pokemon for trade purposes in Sword&Shield, but from what I understand, you never want your hacked switch to go online as there is a risk of getting banned. How am I expected to trade then, if it requires being online?
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