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  1. What if i made it look like i got traded all of my Vivillon in egg form, people have been able to get all of the forms with their OT by trading for eggs legitimately. So if i made it look like i received all of them as eggs from other people, and hatched them myself, i would legally own all Vivillon forms under my OT i believe. It's just making it look like that would be difficult, as nothing i've found online regarding foreign eggs was definite.
  2. So in USUM i currently own all Vivillon forms which i managed to obtain through GTS, i would like to edit these so they show up under my OT, however i'm unsure if it would be as simple as changing my OT. Would i have to change the TID and SID as well to match my OT from the same game? What about the Language of each Vivillon being different to english or the country of origin being in different places in the world? How should i go about doing this to avoid any potential legallity issues or suspicion?
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