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  1. Hi I have doubt about the legality of this pokemon due to the fact that to correct it's illegality, someone suggested to me to make it look like it came out of an egg. That made Pkhex say it was legal but I am unsure if that truly correct the legality problem. Could someone help me ? 583 - Sorboul - BAA100B1AB88.pk6
  2. When i try to load from the latest build it just says "Invalid save file loaded. Aborting."
  3. When I load my Pokemon Y save through pkhex, it asks me if I want to load it at 0x3000 or 0x82000. The first option work but when I try to load it at 0x82000 it says "Invalid save file loaded. Aborting". Any idea as to why that is ? Everything works perfectly with the first option, it's just the second option who seems to be having an issue with my save file.
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