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  1. Hi, it would be nice to have a gen 3 and gen 4 secret base manager, like how PKHeX does with ORAS' Super Secret Bases. Possible features would be importing and exporting players' secret bases between saves, so that they could visit each other and battle once a day. Also, thank you guys for PKHeX
  2. Aw That would be a nice feature to explore. But thanks for replying, anyway!
  3. Is there any tool that can manage gen 3 and gen 4 secret bases like PKHeX does with ORAS' Super Secret Bases? Like importing and exporting friend's secret bases into saves? If not, this is a cool feature to add in existing tools.
  4. It works, and is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much!
  5. It looks like I downloaded a different version of 19.11.15 when I was looking for 19.09.19 links. I downloaded 19.11.15e again now and some of these bugs are fixed. But the interface is still a little bit weird, I prefer the previous one (Party-Battle Box tab continues weird). My main question is about the 19.09.19 file, I don't care about 19.11.15e bugs. Is it possible to download it? It is interesting to keep older versions links online in this kind of situation. Thanks again!
  6. I took some screenshots. The sprites are not showing for USUM, the interface is a little weird for other saves, the box is small compared to the area it is in, and the mystery gift database stays loading forever. Is is possible to download the previous version of PKHeX? It is all I need. Thank you again!
  7. Hi guys! You are doing a great job with the new Sword and Shield support in the app. But, since I updated to the latest version (19.11.15e) the app is a little odd. Some sprites are not showing in my Ultra S/M saves, neither do some items. The mystery gift database is buggy for my gen3 saves, and so on. So I would like to know where can I download the old 19.09.19 version again, since it was working perfectly for me and I don't use PKHeX for Sword/Shield (don't have it). Thanks in advance!
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