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  1. Hi everyone, I'd really appreciate to have some help. I've been working on this since few days and can't seem to find a solution. So, here's my probleme. Last days, I randomized Pokemon USUM without any problem, using PK3DS and HackingToolkit. It worked perfectly. Then, I tried to randomize Pokemon X using the same method. Everything gets randomized BUT static encounters, starters (for these I just didn't find where I could randomize it), and Wild Encounters randomizer just seems not to work. After randomizing Wild Encounters I get a messag saying that it randomized it, but then when I seek for these randomizations in the text file "Encounter Slots" (created by "Dump Table"), nothing changed, and it's the same in-game. And whenever I try to "Save Current Encounters", I get this error message : So I've been looking for a LOT of tutorials and threads, but I couldn't find anything that helped me. I really hope you will have time to answer and to help me. Thank you in advance for reading this ! (Sorry, I forgot to precise that I play on PC with Citra, with a .3ds rom)
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