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  1. Hey there! Just bought a switch 2 months ago and I've been really wanting to jailbreak my own for the sake of PkHex. Are there any tips (what to do first, steps, methods, etc...) for beginners? Thank you so much. I just wanna bore my time here while my country is in a total lockdown. Hahaha. Thank you :D
  2. Thanks. But my current version of my Switch is 9.0.1. Just for clarification, it's still unhackable, right?
  3. How do I even? Is there any tutorial here regarding homebrew on Switch? I thought there's this "checkpoint" thing that's needed(?) Correct me if I'm wrong though
  4. Hello, guys. So I just bought Switch the other day, and I badly want to use PkHex on my game (Pokemon Shield) for genning. I've tried it on my last console (3DS), and it worked perfectly fine. But with my tad bit of knowledge on using Switch, I can't really understand how this all works. Some questions that I pondered a while ago were: What should I do first? Do you guys give tutorials to us beginners? What techs should I be using? And other questions related to it. Hope you all can help me. edit///SIDENOTE*** IM TRYNNA IMPRESS MY CRUSH WE BOTH PLAYED GAMES SINCE FOREVER HA
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