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  1. Version 1.3.0


    Since we don't know yet which blocks do what regarding completing the main story & DLC contents i've gathered this block folder to help you. Got those blocks from my female trainer save and tested with a male trainer save and it works without any issues (yet) What does it do? Completes Main Game & BOTH DLC; Replaces TitleScreen Poké (Hall of Fame) with 6 Eevees; What blocks it doesn't have? Fashion block, TrainerCard Block & Misc Block (this work with both Male & Female trainers); Game language block (works with all languages); Party & box related blocks (keeps your pokémon untouched); Current Coordinates block (stay where you currently are); Items Block (keeps your bag the same); FriendLeagueCard Block (keep your friends cards); How to use? Open your current save with PKHeX; Extract the .zip you have downloaded from this page to a new empty folder; On PKHeX click on the SAV tab, then click on the Block Data button; On the new window that openned, click on the Import Blocks From Folder button, select the folder from Step 2 then confirm; Export your save by clicking File on the menu bar, then Export Save > Export Main option; Inject the new main file you've saved in your game using Checkpoint, or use it in Yuzu;
  2. This is from a traded pokémon and this is from one of your own pokémon But the Location ID is the same
  3. Version 1.3.0


    Enjoy, this save file contains: Both DLC story completed!; All 3 completed Pokédex (Galar, Isle of Armor & Crown Tundra); All items 995 (Garbage items removed from this save); No Dynamax legendaries caught; All Fashion items unlocked; Maxed-out Watts, Money & BP;
  4. How can i change the blocks data so i have: main game complete [including postgame] and both DLC completed?
  5. Pokemon Species: Ditto x4 Held Item: Destiny Knot & Everstone x2 Level: 100 Ability: Limber Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Nature: Modest, Bold, Adamant, Jolly Pokérus Status: Infected Pokéball Captured In: Love Ball IV Stats: All 31 Friend Code (If Trading): 0014-2425-2636
  6. Hello, i own a switch lite and can't install CFW on it. Can someone please gen for me 4 Ditto [6IV, Japanese, Shiny] with Modest, timid, adamant and bold nature with 2 of them holding the everstone and destiny knot? i have an EU Steelbook for Shield code to give as compensation :3 If you can please send me a PM her or discord: ~✭Hime#8033 Thank you.
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